Шест малки неща, които ме правят щастлив..

Блаблабла този път включвам на български… случайно забелязах молбата на Мила и като добро момче (хах), изпълнявам желанието й..

1.  Щастлив съм когато гледам как Барселона смачкват поредния отбор, особено ако това е Реал на Бернабеу.

2. Музиката е единственото нещо което ме прави щастлив винаги, абсолютно винаги.

3. Щастлив съм когато съм удовлетворен от себе си.. което се случва рядко.

4. Щастлив съм когато седя посредата на нищото и съзерцавам природата.

5. Щастлив съм когато Слънцето се показва над хоризонта, а аз съвсем неочаквано съм станал негов свидетел, което означава, че сме прекарали поредната хубава нощ.

6. Щастлив съм когато думите са излишни, а усмивката със затворени очи означава много.


Martin Solveig rockin’ JP Gaultier Maison de Couture


For sure MS and Dragonette brought a smile to my face with their video made at the “Maison de Couture” of JPG, and another melody to confuse my mind.

Enjoy them.

sweet child o mine..

In the 152nd day of the year here in Bulgaria aswell as in many other countries we celebrate the most sacred feast – Children’s Day! My wish is – be happy, don’t let the kid in you disappear because that would mean you took life too serious.


Last Day Dream.

I am amazed. A stunning video from Chris Milk. I dont want to ruin the video with more explanations. Simply enjoy it.

Vote or Die?

I am pretty convinced that since my blogspot is in english and almost unknown noone will bother reading this post, but almost whole day I was thinking about the election in my country Bulgaria, I wanted to ‘put it on paper’.
I am a part of the generation called “the children of democracy” that means i’m born in 1990. And since the law permits their citizens to vote after they complete 18 (which is nothing abnormal dont get me wrong) I am facing my first chance to take a part of the so called election as i mentioned.
I am not in touch with the situation in the other former soviet countries but here young people dont even bother thinking about their chance to make a decision. It’s true we are the most corrupted country in the EU, our politicians first think of their own benefits and eventually after “their theft” they could do something for the society. So here in Bulgaria the famous US campaign “Vote Or Die” could be adapted as “Do Not Vote or Die”. I dont want to sound as a wiseacre, so my standpoint behind this writing is:

Make an effort.
Make your own decision.
Stop waiting for someone else to make it for you.
We are the future.
It’s up to us.
Face it.

float away.. with..

Parasol Island. The german motion graphics and film powerhouse left me speechless after watching their fairytales. I highly recommend you the Audi A5 Cabriolet Showroom Trailer to accompany you during your “Good Morning” fresh orange juice!

A grand sound-and-vision spectacle

Few weeks ago I read an article about the new album of Ion, an unknown for me greek producer, it gripped me up and I downloaded it immediatelly. Albums doom wasnt different from the fortune of other unknown albums downloaded by chance,  he waited in the folder “unsorted” for quite a while and two days ago I accidently saw it and listened to it… I felt pretty silly afterwards because it was amazing and i am not sure if amazing is enough so, as the article states:

ion - you and me

“ION’s electronica is the sort of music one may hear (and see!) when closing their eyes… the sound of a never-ending summer, a grand sound-and-vision spectacle… what his new project expects from you is the inalienable human right of not having to explain. ”

Do not wait for a mere chance to try it, see the colours of music, as once Kai Tracid said, now.